Sunday, May 8, 2011

living vicariously

because it's all we can do these daze...

sunday morning I had to back out of a fishing trip
potentially  apparently a great one
health issues and my wife's birthday forced my hand
and I stayed home maintaining the D. T.  I.
(domestic tranquility index)
for possible future trips

so anyways
we ganked a few pics from the website what doesn't exist...

 the backyard
I love this place

 beautiful brown

lovely rainbow and bamboo

fuck me - there goes the neighborhood
I usually pitch my tent where that table and fire ring now are
they call this "improvement?"

I cannot even tell ya how these pics make me feel...

all of the above and more...

much thanks apologies and photo credits to my good great friend, jeepster
aka s. rath - sorry amigo


Anonymous said...

Sorry you couldn't make bud. Those two campsites are ruined now. The one at the end can’t handle two vehicles. I looked around and found another site just above that has room for two. But for one the end site still wrocks.


mijo said...

anita is feeling poorly and will have surgery (minor) in june. I don't think I'll be able to make hurricane as I think the surgery falls across those dates. then there's recovery....don't want this to sound as though I'm sorry for myself because I'm not. I've been very lucky. I have a moral obligation to take care of my wife. something I've neglected in the past and am taking strides to atone for that.

look like awesome time!
figured it'd be a nimp-o-rama. I've got the world's heaviest box of nimps.

fucking nimps.