Friday, May 13, 2011

tying flies w/ foam

let's start by saying I hate it
they're both inelegant and bulky
for the most part foam colors blow
there is no denying their effectiveness though

we've been fishing chernobyls and their variants for years now
as a matter of fact it was once a "go-to" fly

scorn for foam ultimately resulted in its demise
at least in my box
(and I'm lying - have a look at my terrestrial box)

this morning I sat down at the vise
after tying a half dozen one clump deerhair beetles
I tied up a couple cow killer ants (love the name) and los alamos ants

 I'm liking the hell out of how they're looking
and the bluegill pond down the street is beckoning

and really...this thing looks nothing like an ant

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