Monday, May 30, 2011


you remember them right?

where to begin how about right here and now
I'm watching a recorded concert of the current  skynyrd  tribute band
and sipping bourbon

gary rossington's still there
looks like billy powell too
and of course johnny van zandt
the less talented brother nonetheless serving up a credible job

I fucking love it
rickey medlocke has been with the band for twelve years and he said
it seems like forever
seems his sprout named shorty after his dad
has the third guitar spot and does a damn fine job of it

rickey used to think he was gonna be the next lynyrd skynyrd
when he led blackfoot and wrote a few cool songs
now he's in the band

I need to replenish my supply of skynyrd music because it is sadly lacking
every cool wrocking guy of a certain age owned the live one and prolly wore it out

I think I'll put them number six on my list
every contemporary country band  is largely indebted to skynyrd
they played cool wrocking (can you tell I love this phrase?  I stole it from the boss)
country tunes that everyone loved

the drive-by truckers wrote a tribute of sorts called southern rock opera
in which they wove the tale of their band and that of the skyn boys
not surprisingly it's their best one two full discs
if you don't have it go get it
or I guess you could ask me for it

there was more I was gonna say but I need a smoke and a piss

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