Wednesday, May 4, 2011

going to battle again...

to fight w/ my irons
a battle I'm currently losing
somuchso I'm considering a change

currently playing callaway (again and have for oh ten years now)
that callaway driver is outta the bag in in a neighbor's hands
hitting cobra driver currently
as if anyone cares

***hahaha this is about the third or fourth time this shitty pic has appeared***

played w/ these for a month and they just didn't feel right
turns out they're a half inch shorter than what I'm used to
and I remembered why I don't care for graphite shafts in irons

tried the cobras about a month too
very long and solid but inconsistent distance and vector
also tough to get a feel around the green while chipping

so I guess the callaway x-16's get another (last) shot

ej says "yer driving it well"
"there's a helluva lot more to it than that" sez I

gotta give a shout out to sanuk shoes sandals - they wrock!
these are at least two year old and aging gracefully
and they work in a pinch on the golf course - I nailed this one

bombs away
it's a great time of year

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