Thursday, May 26, 2011

hundred dollar goat track

I missed twelve dollar tuesday
unfortunately since it turned into a humorous afternoon
billy threatened to throw turtleman in the lake
and ej broke his putter
and I missed it
too bad

anyways, about a week ago we played this golf course
twas a one-off special $5 green fee
I observed that it looked and played like a five dollar goat track
furthermore, every cheap bastard in town was out there
and it took well over four hours to complete

well we played there again yesterday
and the course was in considerably better condition
(how can this change so much in so little time?)
it cost a hundred bucks
no shitting
and I paid it

so the deal was this...
unlimited golf (we played 36 holes)
any pair of shoes
any shirt
I got a beautiful pink golf shirt I can't wait to style on course
and some footjoy dryjoy shoes
(very sweet and very comfortable)

I also hit a fairly good number of nice golf shots yesterday
I was also largely a three putting dog


Anonymous said...

the fact that this photo is posted directly above the "colorblind" post makes me smile.


mijo said...

heh. that shirt actually is kinda pink. pinkish orange or something.

and yes, sometimes we struggle for content.
thanks for reading jb.

Anonymous said...

I think "coral" is what the bait guys down here call the color of their Columbia super-pro fishing shirts.

And, some content is better than no content. I enjoy checking in, really like the rod build posts.

Take care,


mijo said...

coral sounds about right. I see shit differently than most folks. it looks pink to me then it looks orange-ish. whatever. it is comfy and cool which makes it perfect.

I was bit in the ass by the lazy bug this year. so there were not a lotta rods finished this season. four finished total. which is half my seasonal production goal.

there will be more.