Sunday, January 1, 2012


a new year is upon us

I don't have any idea what's in store
the previous year for me has been mostly marked by hardship
I've managed and will continue to do so

I've spoken in the past about the inanity of making resolutions
especially those of the health and welfare type
which we enter into w/ good and cooperative spirits
until we realize how much got am hard work we've set ourselves up for
and how comfortable it would be and is to relax

that said I have made two minor resolutions this year
health and welfare related
I will not be sharing the resolutions
though I may periodically update you on my progress or lack thereof...

last year I failed in my main goal of lowering my golf handicap to a single digit
I guess we'll have to continue that one...

anyways, at some point in the next two weeks it appears as though I'm gonna lose my planing forms
I guess I just thought they were mine...
and it is frustrating

which means I'll have to figure out the means of procuring a set of bellingers
and rather quickly at that
I am a firm believer that when you replace something anything
you should replace it w/ something BETTER

fortunately all the rods on the bench have all the grunt work done
which I guess means I'll be turning bamboo blanks into fishing rods
as this season progresses

at any rate, we'll manage, it's what we do

"hey, I've got an idea - let's go fishing!"

the holidaze season is over - get yer lazy ass back to work!


Shay said...

While I would never get in the way of you buying a set of Bellinger's, I do happen to have a spare set of forms available to a man of yer
They aren't Bellinger's but they are a decent set of Blauvelts modified to make a tiny tip. Oh, and you'll need a hammer to make them work...big deal.
No shipping involved just pays the dollars and come get them. No one will take them away from you later on.
Then go back to work and stop your whining...hoody boy. Get it done now or wait until next winter.
Oh and I want a hoody.

mijo said...

I'm not whining. I'm exalting.

I can't afford the bellinger's much less yer generous offer. I am broker than a dead dick dawg and am facing a component order nearing $500.

I will gladly buy you a hoodie. a good one.