Sunday, January 29, 2012

get wrecked and wrock on w/ yer badassselves

about a hundred years ago (piease forgive my tendency for hyperbole)
I became involved w/ an email mailing list 
that revolved around a favorite band
and for a good long time that thing fuggin' wrocked
I met (in person) a couple handfuls at least of really cool people
smart and opinionated and willing to talk about anything and everything
and generally speaking agreeing to disagree
w/out scorn or chastisement
new members were always welcomed and encouraged to contribute
though not without a few pokes in the ribs
it was dynamic and thought provoking even intoxicating in a way

lately though it has been dying
I guess as a result of a mass migration to facebook
and perhaps the fact that we all grew up a little bit over time
and have real lives to pursue

nevertheless I miss it and the interaction dearly
most of all I miss all those people

anyways,  around Christmas every year we'd make a comp cd for a random member
upon completion, people would offer up they comps to whoever asked for it
I usually asked
and received

in spades

I think that's about 3/4 of them
the rest are in portable cd carrriers

I like to think that the people who put these things together put their hearts and souls into it
and that's why I treasure them and my memories of all the shit we yammered on and on and on about

when you try to explain to others what was so special about this place
you can not do it

if you were there for it you understand


Nancy Spaid said...

Yes, Mikey, I agree. While I'm guilty of neglecting Wrecked, I cherish the history that unfolded over those years. I'd hate to think it's gone.

zuanne said...

Hey Mikey,
I miss the Wrecking, too. Amazing how so many diverse people across the country found out they had so much in common, besides the band. Met some great people (yourself and Ms Nancy included) and got turned on to some great music along the way:)

mijo said...

thanks gals for taking the time to comment.
zuanne, I still remember that wonderful meal at cowboy ciao and the great company we shared. I was never fortunate enough to meet lovely nancy.

*waving* hi nancy! - remember that?

anyways, I'll make the same comment at wrecked, but I don't get why it is that people spend so much time updating their staus at effbook, but won't bother trying to resurrect the dying list.

again, thanks for reading. I appreciate it.

*annie* said...

Mikey! This is such a wonderful testament to what was once the great Wrecked collective. I admit, I fell out of regularity mostly due to either lack of Internet or not working with computers/net access. I know I have at least 2 of your own mix CDs! God this was a great read Mikey, bravo.

mijo said...

thanks annie. I appreciate your kind words. I remember making those for you but can't for the life of me remember what was on them. it's possible and likely I may have mellowed a bot since then.