Monday, January 30, 2012

since I'm talking about my truck

I love my truck
people like to make fun of it
I don't wash or wax it
maybe every other year I'll hose it down
it  looks like shit

*pics tomorrow*
well, fuck that there are pics of the truck below

but I've never hit anything with it
I got tapped hindside one time in the snow in flag
by an asshole grandfather w/ his grandchild(?) beside him
and he drove off
go figure

people in the know love it

it's a '91  toyota pickup
hell you know that if you've been reading here
it looks like shit but runs like a top?
I wanted to say champ 'cept there's just one thing 
that needs to be addressed and that's the exhaust leak
that's not my forte
though I think I can deal with it
in time

no ac no music
it's a truck and a tool
a car or truck is a tool used to get from here to there and back
nothing more nothing less
plus I can carry things in it
and people with much nicer cars want to use it
so it's a hunnert years old and other people want to use it
I find that ironic

my truck has relatively little mileage on it
people leave notes nearly weekly asking if I want to sell it
I don't wanna sell it

I like the fact that I've bought two vehicles in my life
and I'd like to see it end that way

I do have plans for another vehicle
but I can wait 
forever if I must

my brother told me that no one drives trucks like mine
I like that
and it's one reason I love my truck

I'm thinking of a paint job
we used to paint trucks way back when I was in the army
redo the camo cuz there was nothing else to do
I camouflaged a fta atop my army rig
and no one realized it until I pointed it out to them
I'm considering the same thing w/ afa
agua fria angling - get it?

and a slick sideband along the bedside
like that'll happen

I'd also like ac and a sound system
I've gone so long without
that it ain't gonna happen
hey just use the ipod dipshit

there is about 104,000 miles on it
and it's likely good for that again
that's comforting
I paid about 7 grand for it back in the day
'92 to be exact and how much have you spent since than for your rides?

that's why it's a keeper

I have so much more to say
perhaps for another day


priya said...

just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all. Truck Exhaust

Duncan Moredock said...

That's one creative poem! How long did it take for you to finish this? There are a lot of reasons to love not just your truck, but any vehicle.

mijo said...

20 minute stream of consciousness peace