Saturday, January 21, 2012

stop the presses!

I fished today

it wasn't all that long ago I could say that I had no fiberglass flyrods
that's no longer the case

now I have three...

from front to back 
cabela's 50th anniversary model 6ft 8in 4wt
above sila-flex medallion MF90SH-2
heddon pal 9ft 8wt

I cleaned up the grip on that heddon

I haven't really fished the two big rods
as both are relatively recent acquisitions
hell I just got the heddon today

that little one casts and fishes right nicely
unless the wind is blowing

then yer fucked 
unless you've got back-up
always carry back-up
kinda like raingear
or a sandwich

it's always nice to have a sandwich in yer gear

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