Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the last hurrah

visited congress yesterday to say good bye to a very good friend and my mentor
it's nice to have brothers in bamboo around
I will dearly miss bother shay
adios amigo and Godspeed

anyways...perry and mike

one a dose guys snapped a pic of me, but y'all have seen enough of my ugly mug lately
I'll spare ya this time


Shay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Perryb said...

I found this on your favorite website. I thought you might like it.

mijo said...

those clowns. one day perhaps you'll hear a story about that place. anyways, I'm persona non grata over there and I've washed my hands of that place. I do occasionally check in over there, since there can be some decent pics and sometimes they're good for a chuckle.. that said I prefer not to associate w/ assholes if I can avoid it. in this case I easily can.

anyways, I think i'd like to try my hands at a quad at some point this spring - okay if I can use yer forms for a few daze and plane that out? if yer not using them of course. it'll be a while until I have the strips ready ...

good to see you again amigo.

Perryb said...

Ya you can borrow them I have some blank sanding to do this week and when finished I plan on trying to tune those bad boys up than try to turn out a decent quad blank.

mijo said...

hahaha. sandpaper parties are so much fun.

it'll be a while. right now all i've got on the bench is a putter shaft I told my brother I'd make for him a year or so back. shay solved my problem and I've got an old school ferrule that fits the head perfectly. like it was made for it (quick, what was the subject in that sentence?) after you're done. I'm in no hurry. I have to work some things out and may need to pick yer brain. thanks. we'll talk soon.