Saturday, January 7, 2012


I don't like tying parachute flies at all
love to fish them though
so I deconstructed it
and approached it like building a house perhaps
the result is simple to tie and tidy

my very first attempt ever at a step by step photo tutorial...

pinch down hook barb
start thread eye width back from eye
trim tag end after a dozen abutting turns
tie in post w/ half dozen figure eight wraps
wrap post up and down eight turns
tie in prepped hackle feather
advance thread to tie in

dub a thin noodle and wrap a thorax to just behind wingpost

wrap thread back to bend of hook make thread bump
tie in stiff hackle fiber tail nicely slayed
dub a nicely tapered abdomen
add to the thorax if necessary

turn fly in vise as shown above

make four turns of hackle
ti down w/ four wraps
four turn whip finish
trim wing post

finished fly

isn't that nice?

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