Tuesday, January 10, 2012

back in the day

this book is a treasure assuming you can find a copy
there may be one at the library - the big one downtown
I could tell you a story (or two) about that building but won't
I wanna talk about bill valentine

bill valentine wrote a fishing column for the arizona republic and gazette
from 1962 - 1978
and this is a collection of those columns
he is witty and observant and man oh man does he like to fish
and he enjoys telling fish stories
of which it seems there are hundreds here
in the 630 pages of prose and packed w/ black and white fishing photos
from a bygone time...

plus - he was a pretty ding danged stylish dude...

valentine was also a skilled cartoonist/artist
following all the fish tales (full disclosure - some are rather similar)
are some maps he's drawn of the rocky point/cholla bay area he so loved
there are also several dozen nifty little illustrations for fishing derbies and the like
it sure seems a glorious time to be fishing the salt

apparently he had a love for mermaids as well
who doesn't?
love that he lists the species being 95 - 125 lb
she's a "merrymaid"

I guess that'd be a keeper

copyright info on this book merely lists
"Copyright C (circled) 1990 Jessie and Mike Valentine  All Rights Reserved"
the book appears to be self published by the family

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M. Jones said...

I'd love to have a copy of Bill's book. My dad had it before he died. My parents, Bob & Nona Jones, and I (Michelle, aka Mike) are mentioned a few times in it.