Saturday, January 14, 2012

okay...the niners worry me

they've proved that they can put points on the board like the saints
assuming the pack beat the g men tomorrow
they'll have a handful w/ the niners

so I've been jrinking the tebow kool aid
can he deliver the goods against brady belichek and company?

I don't think so
but I hope so

ravens packers in the super bowl
w/ the trophy staying in titletown

you read it here last
maybe not first, surely last...

*tebow don't slide

gronkowski is the best tight end in football
say it again
and again
yet again (is it over yet?)

look at old man magahee
is it closer than the score?  I don't think so*

it would be nice to see the pack whoop the pats in the super bowl again
that would be fun

*...* indicates during game commentary

1 comment:

mijo said...

oh well. the difficult (is that the right word? frustrating perhaps?) thing about being a sports fan is that you spend far much more time disappointed than celebrating.

from now on out I continue to root for the ravens, though my pics are adjusted to pats/niners.

fuck that - now I want the ravens to win dammit.