Monday, January 30, 2012

state of the craftsmanshit address #10 - early '12

usually clearing the bench meant something different than it currently does
that doesn't make much sense, but I will try to clarify

what I mean by clearing the bench is getting all the rods in production 
off the bench and indoors for wrapping and finish work
this takes place in april normally as soaring temperatures
make it impractical and uncomfortable to work outside in the garage

well, this year I had to clear the bench in january
over the course of building 35 rods I've been using borrowed planing forms
for which I'm eternally grateful as it saved me a considerable chunk of money

well, the owner asked for them back 
and I was obliged to return them

thanks matt - I appreciate all your help over the years

and I bit the bullet and dumped nearly a grand into some new forms
and a "back-up" set I don't necessarily need
but the price was right and I wanted to help out a buddy

and I'll be able to pay it forward
again as I feel obligated to
should I get the opportunity to teach someone how to do this
should they be inclined to learn how
I like that

anyways,  it's been two weeks now since I ordered
and I'm still awaiting delivery
and anticipating it every week day
perhaps today's the day

which explains why there is no rodbuilding going on around here lately
there are two rods awaiting components
those are ferrules and reel seat hardware
for those of you who do not know that

I guess they'll be included w/ the planing forms

I will not be building anymore rods for myself
at least for a while
and by rods I mean finished rods
I will continue to do what I call the prep work
aka grunt work

to experiment w/ new of different tapers
but when it comes to finishing the rod
it ain't gonna happen
until I can justify spending $200 to finish the rod
for something I simply do not need

I've got two rods to finish for other guys
two unferruled blanks for myself
which won't be finished until who knows when

and a clear bench

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