Monday, January 30, 2012

door panels con't

making good progress on this

digital cameras are great fucking tools

after tweaking the working template
we have the finish template

clamped to masonite piece
trace and cut

flip template over and repeat
make cuts and we have the panel foundation

fit and tweak as necessary
I used a rasp to fit the cutouts

cut weather barrier plastic piece
this will need to be sealed prior to installing the panel
as per jeepster's suggestion we'll use duct tape

undercut a piece of batting for each panel
I stuck it to the panel w/ spray adhesive

carefully fit fabric finish layer

somehow or another I picked up the wrong panel when I did this
everything else I did was done off of the passenger door
I picked up the driver door panel
not that it matters...

I screwed it to the door w/ the pull grasp 
the fit is nearly perfect
I could tweak things a bit yet 
again we'll see about that

I'd have shot a pic but it was dark and I don't like to use flash

it looks a far sight better than the ones I replaced
even when they were new

I'm totally winging this
having never tried to do such a thing before
I'm pretty pleased

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