Saturday, January 14, 2012

fishing - a look back and forward

over the past hundred years or so
I've met and fished w/ an awful lotta people
in an awful lotta places

fallen into a few rivers (yes I have)
frozen my ass off sweated my ass off

I always claimed that the very nature of friendship is transitory
dependent on any number of factors
the fact is, very very few of us have life-long friends
w/ which we continue that relationship

I guess you can judge the strength of a friendship
by whether or not it can weather these differing phases of our lives

this morning I found out that my favorite fishing partner
is going on disability retirement
which is good (and potentially bad - I guess)
and for that I offer congrats

I met steve in the summer of 2003
in the middle of nowhere
the valle vidal wilderness area of new mexico
little did I know I was meeting I guy I'd fish with for the rest of the decade
and hopefully it continues through the next one
though we are both getting old

anyways, anita and I were camped  along the stream

steve's truck was a reasonable distance downstream
brooks showed up from albuquerque
there was some guy from georgia of all places fishing w/ his son
and, yes, it was a smallstreams streamside meet

steve shows up at his campsite
he is quiet nearly uncommunicative
very wary leery and canny
kinda like he's sizing us up

so brooks and I head off upstream to stick some tricksy little cutthroats
a half a mile I sit on the bank and say,
"I don't know about you brooks, but I'm gonna sit down and enjoy a cool smoke"
which I did
steve stumbled up and shared

steve and brooks were struggling setting hooks on these insanely quick hitting trout
(my struggles will come later)

at one point we decide to 4 wheel it up to latir lakes
state record trout  (species not remembered)  taken from up there
it was the longest steepest straight climb I've experienced
butt rough for sure
brooks had to hold onto the radio knobs to keep from being bounced from the truck

anyways, we've been fishing and camping together every year since
well nearly - we missed last year sadly on three different occasions

I'm gonna go through my iphoto library
and share some of my favorite pics  of steve

good luck and all the best amigo
let's go fishing!


Anonymous said...

It sucks being a lame ass. Remember when you thought you’d have to drag my ass out of the juan? Same old thing just worse.


mijo said...

that would have been a chore. fortunately I think we both had wading poles and I think may have managed; woulda wiped my scrawny ass out though.

those were great times. better things are ahead for you. I'm spinning my wheels. we could spend a week slaking at the brand new san juan. think about it.

I've got a couple month window before I've gotta get active.

Shay said...

Good stuff right there amigo.

Good memories, good writing.

More please...
chemo-saby prolly have more lifelong friendships than you might realize.