Sunday, June 5, 2011

coming soon - "the skinny" or the evolution of a rod maker

over the years this thing has taken on a life of its own
what was going to be a showcase for rod building fly tying and fishing
has evolved into whatever the hell it is right now
a reflection (albeit shallow) of my life 

and I realize that I may have lost some readers/followers
as I share such inanities as golf, cooking, music, books and other random nonsense

I'd apologize but hey there's more to life than building bamboo rods
and I won't apologize for any liberties or indulgences I take here
it's my blog and I'll do what I want

since 2007 I've built over thirty bamboo (and one graphite) fly rods
each one a tedious process addressed a step at a time
this year saw a slowdown of sorts
a couple struggles  in need of solving
resulted in a paltry four rods this current season
I can live w/ that
I've learned patience over the years
and speed kills in this game

I'm going to go ahead and tell my stoop-it little story
just how it came to be that I entered into this arcane little world
from the seed sparking the interest to the opportunity to get my hands dirty 
actually building a bamboo fly rod
and finally establishing a shoppe of my own
humble as it may be

we hope you follow this story (it could be quite long - as in book length)
and enjoy it perhaps picking up a thing or two about a thing or two
that's my hope anyways...

stay tuned


Anonymous said...

this should be good. Look forward to the story.


mijo said...

everyone likes the rod building posts best it seems. the shoppe is closed for the summer, but there is a story to be told I guess. plus I kinda wanna steer this thing back in the direction it was intended. with occasional side trips of course.

the introduction should pop up tomorrow. writing will be off the cuff and edited on the spot. no painstaking wordsmithing rewrites etc.

Mike Honcho said...

dude, I enjoy your blog. I personally get tired of these things that are all fish, fish, fish. gets a bit mundane after a bit, you know? besides, who doesnt enjoy pictures of good food?

mijo said...

dude, thanks for reading and the kind words. I appreciate it.