Monday, June 27, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter ten - chueco

I'd mentioned earlier that this rod remains my favorite
and my first string go-to rod
I also mentioned that it may have something to do w/ how well (effortlessly) it casts and fishes
it also looks damn sweet if I do say so myself

regarding the name (and naming rods in general)
chueco means crooked in spanish
it is also spanglish slang for jrunk

the rod itself is straight as an arrow
but I'll have to admit to have spent a good time making it in a jrunken state
(the predecessor chile colorado as well)

I kinda named that first rod after wrapping it
the red and black reminded me of roasted red chile peppers
so chile colorado it was

there is a ohsoslight dip to the tip
mike said I should name it chueco
nope sez I it's already got a name but the next one will be chueco

on naming rods in general...
I like to do it - don't think it's necessary
and never really start a rod w/ a name in mind for it
something may happen during the course of building it that lends itself to a name
or if I'm making one for someone, I'll ask them what they'd like to name it
last one I built for myself I ended up calling "sound attack and tone"
cuz I liked the sound, rod was three pieces, somehow it fit
I'd used the words in a post about music describing mark knopfler's guitar sound
and it stuck w/ me

more on chueco the rod...

an old fly tying buddy in georgia sent me a reel seat
and custom built birchbark grip
I decided to use it on this rod
the birchbark grip broke I fixed it and it broke again
(I still have the pieces and may end up using them on something)
fearful of the grip breaking on the rod I replaced w/ cork rings
(1/2" not my current standard 1/4")
nose and butt are maple to match the reel seat spacer
hardware is struble/winston
both the grip and seat are very special to me 
thanks to mike popick in georgia

also making the rod special is the custom engraving of the tube cap
done by my fishing buddy steve rath (aka jeepster)
thanks again buddy
steve has engraved several tube caps for my rods and I appreciate the hell out of it

I should also take this opportunity to offer my thanks and gratitude to mike shay and matt schliske
without their help generosity and kindness none of this would have happened

soon we'll be getting chueco out on the water again
not to mention stick a nice handful or ten of trout w/ sound attack and tone
I think I'll bring a 5wt too for nymphing
did I just say that dirty word?

I will speak a brief bit about rods three four five and six
but beyond that will spare you the details of all the rest
(much of which can be found here on the blog  - really though don't bother it ain't worth it)

I'll spend some time talking about the evolution of the shop and the name
maybe a fishing trip or two again though lots of that's been covered in the blog
it'll still take me longer than it should to wrap this all up

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