Wednesday, June 8, 2011


memories grow hazy
I'd tired of the frustration I'd experienced w/ the long rod

so I decided to spend a leisurely day
jrinking beer in the shade and fishing a spinning rod
corn and salmon eggs

there was a guy there w/ the same idea
I polished off my six pack
strolled back to campsite and loaded up a twelve pack
headed back to the shady spot
where the guy pulled out a bottle of crown royal and passed it my way
this continued throughout the course of the day
with nary a nibble to show for it
we didn't care we were lit

I was struck by extreme urgency
I had to shit like now
I started a ridiculous butt clenched quick walk to the outhouse 
a couple hundred yards
I thought I would make it
I did not

I cleaned myself up tossed my drawers and resumed fishing and jrinking

the sun went down
I was plastered
walked back to camp where phildo was preparing some baby back ribs on the grill
shit was spinning I was seeing double
figured I had better sit down
sat in a campchair beside the campfire
and pitched face first into the fire

I got the hell outta there right quick
crawled into my tent and sleeping bag

I awoke the next morning feeling and looking like death warmed over
I have a pic - you will not see it

we drove to wal mart in farmington
purchased necessary salves ointments and bandages
phildo ministered to my numerous wounds
I looked like shit but felt all right

I would be back

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