Thursday, June 9, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter three - flashforward

not much background left

I met matt at river hill campground on the rio g
we fished a bit and talked some shit
it was fun

I'd been trying for years to get a nice bent rod shot of myself
difficult to do when you usually fish alone
anita sucks at taking pictures

was out on the water w/ schliske for ten minutes
bingo it's done
and it's classic

this pic has been seen by who knows how many people
it remains a favorite 
and is the model/whatever for my logo...
as well as part of an abra ad

we had been sitting on the bank
enjoying a cool smoke

matt flipped his fly out into the water and bingo got hit immediately
this seemed like a pretty good indication
that we should be fishing
moments later I was bent to the cork
by a fourteen inch brookie

earlier in the day I'd been out w/ my wife
and I stuck her in the cheek w/ a stimi
fortunately it was barbless
and she took it like a trooper

honestly she should have known better than to be standing back there
it certainly wasn't her first rodeo

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