Monday, June 6, 2011

"the skinny" - part one


I had been fly fishing about ten years before being bitten by the bamboo bug
and had acquired a fairly substantial quiver of graphite rods
all of course essential for the variety of situations I may have encountered
in my journeys throughout the great american west

one would think that this is plenty

I read a post on an internet flyfishing board about a brand spanking new bamboo rod
built by a friend for another friend and I liked what I'd read 
especially what I saw

after a moment's hesitation I contacted matt schliske and commissioned a rod
seven foot six inch four weight
cattanach sir d

(photo by matt schliske)

this was a game changing decision


AZWanderings said...

I'm enjoying this. Nice collection by the way...


mijo said...

thanks. I'll detail it for ya.

from bottom to top...

dan craft prototype 7ft 1wt (sold since)
cabelas 6ft 6in 2wt
gatti 2/3wt 8ft
scott 8ft 3wt
sage sp 9ft 4wt
st croix legend ultra 9ft 5wt
winston lt 8ft 9in 5wt 5pc
orvis 9ft 3in 5wt (first fly rod ever - soon to be detailed)
st croix legend ultra 9ft 6wt (sold since)
sage ds2 9ft 6in 8wt (sold since and replaced w/ 10ft dan craft)