Sunday, June 19, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter seven - fuggin' ferrules and wrot wram wrapping

this one's quite fuzzy in my memory
mostly because it wasn't much of a hands-on lesson
more a demo I guess...

I think we may have corked up the rod as well
though we also had to wait on this to set as well
so this chapter may well have occured of the course of a couple visits to congress

and mike mighta shown me how to turn a grip
again I likely had little to do with this
I do remember he kept having me check it for hand feel

mike chucked up the rod pieces into the lathe 
showed me how to cut ferrule stations
whizhittt whizhitt
it was done
a far cry faster and simpler than fitting them by hand w/ sandpaper
the type of thing that could take most of the afternoon

then he crowned the ferrule tabs
again I don't much remember much of this
cleaned the ferrules inside and out and glued them to the rod
down time waiting for glue to set was likely spent jrinking and shooting the shit
after which mike dressed the male to fit the female
and likely glued on the tip top

the next step remains fairly vivid
mike showed me how he wrapped
he wrapped above the grip - black red black red black
put a sig wrap at fourteen inches - red black red
I asked for another at sixteen inches as that was the bottom end of the slot limit at lees ferry
and my fishing buddy always wanted to keep a couple fish the last day to take home
and because of his ineptitude catching fish it was left up to me to catch them

it's now occurred to me I've missed a thing or two
at some point mike must have explained sizing the pieces and cutting them to size
which we did - surely before setting the ferrules I think
I also think the ferrules were blued

I think mike may have wrapped the stripper guide
and made the guide spacing reference marks
which remain on the rod to this day if you look closely enough

so anyways, I took the rod pieces home to finish wrapping
"whatever you do don't put those pieces together and wiggle or pretend cast that"
okay sez I  - I won't

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