Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter eight - dipsticks at work

part one is winding up here
took the rod up to congress to be dipped
mike uses some fancy pants european varnish
epiphanies or something like that
I call it epiphanies anyways
crazy expensive stuff

I've come around to using it myowndamnself
just ordered over a gallon of the stuff

lotsa guys hook they retrieval device to a rotisserie motor
for a slow and consistent withdrawal of the rod from the varnish
mike had an old pflueger reel hooked up to do so

we dipped the rod
I cranked the reel s - l - o - w - l - y
eyes wide as this rod I'd crafted from crooked burnt sticks emerged
as a thing of absolute beauty
we hung it in the drying cabinet

I went home feeling pretty pleased w/ myself
another dip was in order
I wasn't in a hurry
speed kills remember?

except I had a trip coming up to the mighty san juan 
I wanted to fish my brand new bamboo
on the way up there anita and I stopped by congress and picked up the rod
encased in a rod sock and tube provided courtesy of senor shay

I'd have to come back later 
for the second dip
that was neither here nor there

we met steve on the san juan the next day
our buddy chris martinez drove over the mountain and met us with his drift boat
we had a nice float

shortly after we started I blooded that got am rod 
somewhere around the texas hole

I had done it
the journey was underway

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