Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter eleven - see where we're going yet?

I will speak briefly about rods three, six and seven
a little more extensively about four and maybe eight
after that we're done talking about rods

I'm tired of it but there are things that need to be explained
I'm working toward something here
I know what it is kinda

I'm a bit at a loss here

number three was an eight foot five weight dickerson 8013
everything came together nicely
except I turned the ugliest grip you've ever seen
I was turning my grips w/ rod chucked into a drill
duct taped to the bed of my truck
certainly less than ideal but fuck it I made it work

this one looked like a dwarf's misshapen penis giant sized
it was hideous
rod cast wonderfully finish was nice
tip section had an unwieldy set
I couldn't get rid of it
tried for a couple years
finally snapped the damn thing across my knee

it didn't hurt one little bit

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