Monday, June 13, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter four - feelers

once I got it my mind to do this
I started putting out feelers on-line

rodmakers chat on thursday evenings put me in touch w/ guys like...
ron kusse john channer and others
who readily offered advice and tips
they were a truly invaluable resource

I put forth my idea
learn to build bamboo rods 
so I could stay busy during retirement

I got an invite from an az rodmaker to visit his shoppe
I drove an hour and fifteen minutes northwest to congress, az
where I was greeted by a countless number of giant white (deaf) great danes
a handful or two chow chows yapping to beat the band

a hippie looking guy w/ long gray ponytail and full gray beard
wandered out of the shoppe shook my hand and said
"I'm mike shay - let's build you a bamboo rod"

we toured the shoppe
mike selected a culm and we flamed and split that sumbitch
and my education was underway...

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