Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter six - this is gonna take forever...

if you've been reading here for a while
you know that both mike and I like to jrink

I'd show up around eight thirty am and mike would hand me a beer
"yer four behind" he'd say
 Iusually spent the night in the ranch house on the couch
work a few hours sat morning and drive home

I think I finished planing all the butt strips
threw the tip strips onto the forms 
planed them to butt numbers
flipped the forms over and set for tips

and yer back for more
fuck my right arm was tired
fingertips on my left hand were marked by razor thin slices
taken by the edges of the bamboo
it was like handling glass only worse cuz you get cut

I'm not sure I finished planing those strips that trip or not
eventually they were done
if you have never seen a tip strip before it's glued up
you would not believe how fucking tiny that thing is
tiny as it is it carries the cross section of an equilateral triangle 
whippier than shit
it still kinda boggles my mind

could it be that we're ready to glue?
we are we're ready to glue!
make or break moment number one

wow - I've neglected to mention node staggering
I go I - IV II - V III = VI
get it?  got it?  good
some will some won't and that's neither here nor there

I also didn't speak to mike's constant encouragement and necessary guidance
there kept me going as I was ready to quit
my right shoulder bicep forearm wrist and palm were trashed
I hated planing
fortunately things get easier and easier as you go along
now i think nothing of it and can plane a butt to numbers in a morning
tips take an afternoon
no physical wear and tear and (hopefully) no snags

glue day is simple and my goodness nothing else to do until tomorrow
may as well get jrunk so we do

wanna read about it?  
put the strips in order I II II IV V VI both strips
tape them into place
set the plane to red cunt hair depth and take off the apexes
mix glue - well that's what I go now
we use different glues mike and I so I don't remember if we mixed
smear w/ glue up down and back up the sections
jrink smoke
fold six pcs to hex shape both pcs
run through binder both directions
hang in cabinet
jrink smoke
the rest of the day was filled with waiting jrinking and smoking
I think that a chunk of hash appeared at some point
of course I sampled that

I'm asleep when mike gets up at two am as he does most every day
he strips the string and heat sets the glue
this glue is some kinda fancy expensive shit 
designed to glue the lining into aircraft windshields

I get up in the morning drink a couple cups of coffee and sand until my arms are ready to fall out
then I sand some more

holy crap this thing is finally starting to look like a fishing pole
I take it home w/ considerable pride to show my wife

things are coming together and I'm about half way done

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