Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter two - my first fly rod

so this rod I had been fishing
and old school orvis graphite model
9ft 3in 5wt

I continued practicing casting in the alley
and on some az small streams
again luckying out from time to time and sticking a fish or two

phildo asked me if I wanted to buy it
he had a handful of his father's bamboo rods
and didn't need this one
I said you betcha
he said find out what it's worth and make an offer

I couldn't find anything about the rod
still haven't 
I offered $125 he took it
the leather covered aluminum rod tube is worth twice that

I've still got that rod and probably always will have it
I use it up at lee's ferry where long extended drifts are the ticket

what does any of this nonsense have to do w/ bamboo?
nothing but we're working our way around to that

I wanted a little smaller rod
wanted this and that and next thing you know I've gotta quiver 
I'm fishing my ass off 
all over the southwest and four corners area

I start tying flies
they suck out loud - ugly as sin
I practice and practice and things finally turn
the flies are now beautiful

we move to a house on a pond
among over a dozen ponds
right out my back door

by now, we've traveled all over the west from california to washington 
to montana and back home
fishing has become more than a hobby or pastime
it's a lifestyle

at his point I've built a couple rods
well assembled is the more proper term
they're serviceable
I especially like the gatti

you know it really is ridiculous all the tackle we think we need...

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TaurenChieftain said...

The bowtech guardian is made totally different than any other bow that you will have ever shot. Not only does the bow have parallel limbs, but also in the middle it has a limb type roller, which Bowtech calls center pivot/riser technology. This allows the limb to bend and flex in the middle versus completely through the limb. The center-limb bracing point, distributes load evenly, eliminating the typical "diving board" effect.