Saturday, June 11, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter three - flashforward continued...

fished that schliske four weight pretty much exclusively over the course of two years
it became an extension of my arm my mind and even my heart
casting was effortless thoughtless
visual landing the fly and go
the rod simply did whatever I asked it to do
and to feel it come alive after sticking a hot fish
my word there was nothing like it
the thing had a life of its own

I started to try to figure out how I could get a bamboo five weight
and a three weight
that would be enough
I could not afford or justify either

could I build one?
not immediately of course 
I'd have to learn how to do it
ideally have someone show me how to do it right
shorten the learning curve
how can we make this happen?

set a reasonable timeline
how about learn to do it before I retire
so I have something to keep idle hands working
I envisioned myself an old fart puttering around in a garage shoppe

I just didn't see it happening so quickly

some time around then
a bamboo rod maker packed up his shop in southern california
and headed to a small ranch near wickenburg
where he set up in an outbuilding and took care of the numerous pets and stock
and continued practicing his craft

I knew nothing at the time of this profound development

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