Monday, June 20, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter seven - fuggin' ferrules and wrot wram wrapping - continued

so we're at home w/ the blank and wrapping
I'd wrapped three plastic rods w/ gudebrod "A" thread
once I got the hang of that it was pretty easy

if you've been reading a while you've seen plenty of pics of my wrapping stands
hand made out of alder
the rod rest notches are lined w/ adhesive backed foam
pieces are held in place by a rubber band stretched across the top of the rod 
and doubled back 
I don't use any thread tensioning device
I wrap w/ fly tying bobbin holder
which I allow to hang over the edge of the table and this works for me
I've made a couple little tensioner devices
but they never really worked as well for me

first rod I built I wrapped using a cardboard box
I still have it

I used a telephone book for tension
didn't like it
stumbled upon the bobbin
and have stuck w/ it ever since

when I told perry (local maker currently busting his ass fighting wildfire) about it
he said he was using one as well
makes thread management easier for me

wrapping w/ pearsall's gossamer is nothing like "A" thread
furtermore I used to mark off the beginning and end of each wrap w/ a slip of masking tape
ensuring they were all the same size
mike showed me how to start three wraps before you ramp up onto the guide
I've been doing it like that ever since

anyways it was a pain in the ass
I had to finish five wraps on the butt plus tipping each one
I have no idea how many times I had to do each one
before I found it acceptable
nor did I have nice tidy three turn tips either
oh well I'm learning and it looks okay

on to the tip
aye yi yi what a pain in the ass
the tip is very fine and delicate and it moves
nothing at all like wrapping the rigid butt
so I labor away and labor away at it until I think I've got it
I do have it - I'm done

all the guides are wrapped one flat over from where they should be

I bust out all the wraps and do it again

I think we had varnished the initial wraps on the butt up at mike's shop
and he sent me home w/ a vial of varnish
I'm pretty sure I varnished the remaining wraps at home 
four coats

anyways, now it really was looking like a fishing pole
I could even test cast it
and I'm sure I did

time to dip the rod
I'm stoked
time to go back to congress

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