Wednesday, June 22, 2011

an itch in need of scratching

I stumbled upon this in my colorado delorme topo book
on the right page

I blocked out those phone numbers though I know one's likely inactive
and schliske's is up on his site

chris is a buddy who lives (lived?) across the mountain from the san juan
and dick (who sent the pm)  has a family place on the rio g in bristolhead
and no I'm not giving up the goods

timebomb is ticking
it's almost time to head back up there
and I should give chris a call
a float down the san juan is in order


Anonymous said...

Ha, I wondered when that website was going to poke its head in here. Those were some good and interesting times. I wish I'd made it out to one of those to meet you guys face to face.

Enjoying the history, keep the chapters coming.


mijo said...

well...I don't like to bring up the goings on at the various fishing sites out there, but this one's extinct and I like it, all those guys mentioned are cool and have been helpful in my development into whatever the fuck it is I've become. throw jeepster into the mix as well since he's been along most every step of the fishing way. at least the big trips. he's seen me fall in the river for sure.

those were great sites back in the day. all got fucked up in the same way. by some a-hole w/ nothing worthwhile to say. and that's the last I'm typing about that.

Anonymous said...

Understood, thanks.

Take care - JB