Monday, June 13, 2011

continued II

things proceed very slowly
escpecially when you don't know what yer doing

it's always fun when yer splitting a new culm
learning to do it with two left hands w/ ten little toes is tricky
eventually after a half dozen (culms) or so 
yer steering yer splits and getting consistency
without even thinking about it

that was a short and easy afternoon's work
feeling each other out
mike didn't know it at the time and he would find out eventually
I was a serious and dedicated student
I was not going to squander this opportunity

showed up around seven thirty the next saturday morning
for a long hard daze work
we heated and crushed nodes
all fucking day - this is incredibly tedious work
(as readers of my blog have read more than once)
say you've got three nodes per section
six strips per section means eighteen nodes to crush
times two for a two piece times three for a three
each node gets heated and crushed twice
you could fall asleep

(note - both mike and I have streamlined this process a bit 
mike uses the sweet nodemaster 500 or 5000 I don't remember
while I employ a timer to keep heating [relatively] consistent)

mike quickly showed me the key to enduring such drudgery
and handed me an icy cold bottle of budweiser from the keginator
still wearisome but made a bit more pleasant 
as the heating and crushing continue

must be crushing nodes

I don't know how we could have gotten anything else that day
all I've got to show for it is a dozen burnt crooked sticks

chances are pretty good I drove home w/ a pretty good buzz
really not a good call ever
it won't be the last time...

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